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Next Level Student Ministry

Next Level Student Ministry is a safe place for students to come together as a community; as full participants in the ministry of the church. Our goal is to share our passion for the Gospel with each student; so that they may go out and share the Good News of the Kingdom.

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Sunday School - 10:45am-11:45am

Join us as we seek to live out our faith and provide practical experience to our students. Replacing the traditional Sunday School model; we will be offering students opportunities to live out and practice what community looks like. From how we connect and confide in each other as a church and as believers, to our purpose and presence within our community; how do we best live as God's holy people.

Sunday Night Youth Praise Team Practice - 3:00pm-4:00pm

This is for anyone who has an interest in music, stage production, or anything else that goes in to the typical worship experience. 

Sunday Night Small Groups - 4:00pm-6:00pm
Sunday nights have thematic teaching, which leads into small group discussions. Our current series is all about being a good influence. Whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, TV, or movies, we are constantly surrounded by “influencers.” But in reality, we are all influencers because we all influence others in some way, whether we mean to or not. We’re all already influencers, but the question is, “What kind of influencers will we be?” In this 4-week series, we’ll learn from a few key influencers in the Bible about what real influencers are like. They’re humble (not arrogant), chase good (not evil), live small (and dream big), and tell God’s story (not just their own).

Wednesday Night Fellowship - 6:00pm-7:00pm

Wednesday Nights are a time for more intentional Bible discussion. We are looking at common Bible stories that many have grown up hearing, but talking about the uncommon details that are left out when communicating to children. The goal is to dig into ancient text and see what the author(s) intended to communicate.

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Upcoming  Events

January 25-27: Meltdown
An annual youth conference bringing students together for a weekend that will draw them closer to God and each other. 

February 15-16: Confirmation Retreat
We will be partnering for a combined Confirmation retreat with FUMC and LHUMC. This is a time for students to decide whether they want to confirm that this is their faith. We will discuss the faith and beliefs of the United Methodist Church, as well as those of the students; so that they can make an informed decision on committing their lives to Christ. 
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