Next Level Student Ministry

Next Level Student Ministry is a safe place for students to come together as a community; as full participants in the ministry of the church. Our goal is to share our passion for the Gospel with each student; so that they may go out and share the Good News of the Kingdom.

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!All Meetings are currently through Zoom!

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Sunday Night Small Groups - 4:00pm-6:00pm
Sunday nights have thematic teaching, which leads into small group discussions. Our current series is all about Identity. How many times have you compared yourself with someone else today? Seriously — see if you can count. Whether it’s their stuff, their looks, their skills, or their popularity, we can’t help but notice all the things other people have, and how those things compare to all the things we wish we had. But in this 4-week series, we’re going to focus on four things that God has given to every single one of us. You have a past, you have today, you have a future,and you have a family. All four of these things make you valuable and uniquely you.

Wednesday Night Fellowship - 6:00pm-7:00pm

Wednesday Nights are a time for more intentional Bible discussion. We are looking at common Bible stories that many have grown up hearing, but talking about the uncommon details that are left out when communicating to children. The goal is to dig into ancient text and see what the author(s) intended to communicate.

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 June 14-19: ARM
Mission is more than a trip. It’s more than a project. Mission is a lifestyle of service among our friends! Serve with ARM this summer to discover, develop, and deploy into Christlike servant leadership in your church and community. Please register by March 1st.
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