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About our Pastor

David is a Native of Dothan, Alabama and graduated from Dothan High School in 1984.

He worked in a number of professions and avocations including retail manager, police officer (reserve), and Registered Nurse, until God got a hold of him around age 30. After coming to know Christ and sensing a call into pulpit ministry, he returned to school and graduated, by the skin of his teeth, from Asbury Theological Seminary in 2006. He began pastoring in the United Methodist Church in 1999 and has served churches in Newton, Dothan, and Demopolis, Alabama, and now here in Panama City.

David is the proud father of Sam (1998) and step-father to Christopher (1989). The youngest in a family of four boys, his brothers say that David is spoiled. They’re not far off base. He’s kind of nerdy (I mean - come on - he likes to build scale models, play computer games, and surf the web), a bit of an introvert, and has the ability to speak sarcasm fluently.

After many years in ministry David is convinced that he’s a bit of a bonehead, but even though he messes things up regularly, he’s certain that he loves Jesus, and knows that Jesus loves him with a reckless abandon.

It is his life’s purpose to help people understand that Jesus loves them in the same manner.

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